Thursday, September 13, 2012


ANSWER TO "THE GUARDIAN" september 13, 2012


Luke Stobart is right when he says Spanish Government
has underinvested in Catalonia.
One grievance? One only ?
But he must know of many others ! He seems well informed..
or maybe he does'nt know ? ...or he just don't want to speak
about them, judging they are no so important ?

And he is QUITE WRONG as he writes:
"...when catalan regional autonomy was restored after
Franco's death " ....

Sorry but what Spain did was:
To invent new autonomies all over Spain, so Catalonia
and Euskadi were not the unique autonomies.

This is what we called:
"Coffee for everybody"...yes... and hence came the great
disadjustment of economic matters.

These new autonomies went mad with merriment, and wasted
and wasted money in "white elephants" (if you know what
I mean) during and through all the past years since the
1978 Constitution.
Spending madly in pharaonic plans with no valuable specific
gain for their own people.
Only the intermediator's won with their thefts.

We paid for the "solidarity's fund" willingly, to aid
provinces who were poor and retarded.
That's good.

But through the years things reversed, and we (paying our
taxes) contributed to their profit while the government
underinvested in Catalonia (as you say) and our due part
of the money-taxes didn't return to us.

And worse: whenever he could
the Central Government kept making things difficult to us.

The idea was to keep Catalonia as away from progressing as
they could through new laws and other tales they could invent.

And now, basing their intention on the crisis, what the
Central Government wants is to "recentralizise" and take over
leaving us without funds.
They owe Catalonia many millions of Euros, but the excuse of
the crisis is phantastic for not paying them back to us.

What do you think we catalan people must do?
And I don't say 'ought' to, for we are pacific civilised people
and prefer to talk things out.
"Parlamentar" we say......ha, ha,.... what for?

There is nothing to do, but say "FAREWELL SPAIN".
We will be good neighbours.

Many of us have relatives in the Iberic Peninsula.
And we do like a great number of Spanish people.

Though we blame Spanish centralist governments.
And they all have been.

Yet, we are not Spanish. We are Catalan!
we have our own language, and our own ways...,
neither better not worse than others,
but they're ours.... what seems too hard for
the Government to understand.

We were a big (in the sense of: advanced and modern)
Nation when Castile and the rest had not yet freed
from the moors, and our Catalan Kings helped them
to fight moors out of the Peninsula.

Well this is past History, (what you call a has-been,
but we never forgot, because :

"Those who forget their roots, loose their identity".

JUSTICE AND FREEDOM, that's what we want.




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